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Sliding Glass Door Treatment Options

What are the most essential aspects to consider when choosing curtains for sliding doors in your house, in terms of both aesthetic and function? We consulted with designers to address everything you need to know when looking for curtains to cover your sliding doors, as well as some color design recommendations. Continue reading to get inspired.

Choose window treatments that function similarly to doors

Sheer window coverings allow you to appreciate the natural light that filters into this formal dining room created by Lagniappe Custom Interiors. When it comes to the usefulness of window treatment, Tiffany Cassidy of Lagniappe offers a few recommendations.

“We always propose a window treatment that functions in the same manner as your door,” explains the designer. “You’ll want something that moves side to side, not up and down, with sliders.”

She provides a few recommendations on size in particular. Have the curtains been arranged to stack on the side of the fixed glass panel? If the wall space permits, the window covering should be able to push back and come all the way off the glass.

It is OK to reduce the length

When it comes to window treatment length, Cassidy recommends keeping lifestyle in mind.

It is OK to size them a bit small. Because this is a door where a lot of filthy shoes will come and go, you may want to make sure your window covering material is just a little higher off the floor—I prefer about a half-inch of clearance.

But, Brackets may help you go tall

That being stated, when deciding where to hang your curtains, consider high up. When in doubt, opt for height with your brackets.

Hanging window coverings higher is usually advised since it makes your window seem bigger and adds height to the area.

Do not attach hardware to a sliding door directly

Hardware for hanging curtains may be strung from the wall or the ceiling. It’s critical to be mindful of the door’s protruding hardware. This will tell you how far away from the wall you should install the curtain to protect it from snagging on the door handle.

Make certain that the functionality is maximized

Off-white curtains are great for a traditional, beautiful area since they provide practicality without overpowering the décor.

The beauty of a sliding glass door is in its utility, thus whatever window treatment you give a sliding glass door should increase, not limit, its usefulness.

Depending on where the door is in your home, you may want to omit the covers and instead add some valances for a finished effect.

However, if curtains are required, there is nothing wrong with them.

If seclusion is essential, a gorgeous pair of curtains that readily draw aside to give access to the entrance is necessary.

Consider installing curtains on one side of the door

Curtains are not required on both sides of your sliding doors. A single panel covering the door while it is not in use is an excellent approach to provide function and privacy.

We tend to go toward a single, very long panel drape that may be put at the tail end of the door. This way, it can stay out of the way while you’re using the door on a regular basis, but it can be quickly pulled over when you need a little more privacy.