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What Are Types Of Evaporative Air Coolers To Save Money?

There are many kinds of evaporative cooling units. Some units can be moved, others must be mounted to the wall. Others blow air directly into the building while others use ducts to move air to multiple places. However, evaporative ducts are typically larger than regular ducts. A faulty duct system can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioner. You can choose the right cooler for you based on the environment in which you live or work.

Direct Evaporative Air Coolers

These coolers are often referred to simply as “swamp coolers”. They offer the best temperature management solution and are also very affordable. They are inexpensive, require little maintenance, and can often be carried anywhere. You don’t even need to install them. Just plug them in and fill the reservoir with water.

On a hot day, these units can lower the shop’s air temperature by 26°F. Warm air comes from the outside and is trapped in the evaporative medium pad. The air molecules get cooled as the water drips through them. The fan pushes moistened, but still dry, air throughout the industrial space. It is 30 inches in diameter.

Indirect Evaporative Air Coolers

These coolers do not add humidity to the air and they are not swamped coolers. They can’t be transported. Indirect cooling allows businesses, restaurants, and industrial spaces to cool to temperatures much lower than portable swamp coolers. All types of air evaporative coolers have one thing: The cooler the outside air is, the more effective the device. Indirect coolers make use of a secondary air source, which can be heated up before the air enters an evaporative media pad. It is possible to combine two sources of air, heat them, and then cool them down by one or more stages of evaporation. This sounds cool, right?

Also, they require a system to transfer the air. This means that operators will lose the same money-saving components that make swamp coolers and indirect evaporative coolers so attractive. Indirect evaporative cooling units are still less expensive than A/C.

Mounted Coolers

There are some crossovers between indirect and direct coolers. Indirect air coolers have to be mounted. Direct coolers, however, can be either mounted or transported.

Ground-mounting may be the least preferred method to install air coolers. Because cold air falls and warm air rises, there is less circulation of cool.

Window mounting is a popular solution for small rooms or work areas. An air cooler that has been mounted to the window will always have access to fresh air.

Roof-mounting units are more expensive to maintain and require air conduits. The installation process is straightforward, especially if you have the right air ducts installed.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an evaporative portable air cooler (a.k.a. Air coolers are more affordable than A/C)